mercredi 18 février 2009

IPhone Blow Party

Available in App Store.

Who can blow for the longest time? We are sure that is something you and your friends want to know especially when bubbles fly around the screen as you blow.

Engage in the BlowParty competition, up to 8 players can play to see who has the biggest blow/whistle power.

Would you be able to discover the seven animals while you blow.

You will soon discover how fun it is to blow into your Iphone to try to beat that high-score rank your friend just took.

Note: Ipod touch users need to plug in the microphone before blowing...

- Up to 8 players turn by turn
- Saves 8 profiles with name and personal best record
- All-time high scores list
- 7 stages represented by long-blowing animals, can you discover the best one...
- Blow level meter, blow length and animated bubbles all over the screen.

Enjoy the fun of blowing

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