dimanche 4 janvier 2009

Iphone Golf Telemeter

Now available in AppStore...

The Iphone Golf Telemeter application features:
- Distance to the flag
- Metric and Yards unit support

It does not use GPS capability of your Iphone so this works on any course and does not require any special configuration.

1) Flag Dist. Screen

Aim for the flag using camera live feed.
Take a picture
Align bottom of flag on bottom red line.
Align Flag top on touchable/movable red line as below.
Read flag distance/elevation in real time.

2) Iphone Settings App support
Change Meters to Yards and vice versa.

8 commentaires:

  1. Hi. Just downloaded app, thinking it would work on the itouch because it doesn't use GPS- but it doesn't :-(

    Any chance of releasing a fix that means this could work on the itouch?



  2. Hello, The Slope indicator doesn't work on my iPhone 3G...

  3. with the new update it doesn#ät work anymore

  4. Comment mettre les distances en METRES

  5. J'ai le même problème, à part ça, il fonctionne assez bien, j'ai comparer avec un buchnel

  6. How well a Golf GPS device works depends on both the hardware and software in your hand held device. Better hardware allows your GPS to more easily find more of the 30 satellites roaming the globe to pinpoint your location.thanks for a great article.