vendredi 28 août 2009

BoulOmetre petanque

Do you know the famous french game "petanque" (mainly played in south of France). Well if you play it you will use BoulOmetre to know which ball is closer to the "cochonnet".
Use the embedded Iphone camera to take a picture of the balls scene.
Click "use", then use the sizable circle to know which ball is closer, it's as easy as that.

- Use of the Iphone embedded camera
- Cicadas background sounds for great Mediterranean immersion

For best results picture shall be taken above the "cochonnet"

jeudi 5 mars 2009

IPhone SoundRemote

Not yet another fart app...

Check video here:

Make your friend/girlfriend/boyfriend jump when it enters the room and hear, for example, a loud fire alarm sound.

This app lets you select a sound and choose to:
- Play it now
- Play it 10s later
- Play it through a remote command website from another phone or your regular home PC. You can time exactly when you want the sound to play to get the best effect.

The free LITE version contains only 3 low-volume sounds and is meant to see if the app works with your local network setup.
The paid version contains more than 30 sounds with maximum volume.

The spy mode covers the app with a black screen to simulate a turned-off phone.

How to play a sound from a PC:
- Enable WIFI on phone/ipod
- Just point your PC web browser to your phone WIFI address at port 8081, the app gives you what address you should use (eg:
- Hit "play" button on the web page
- Hear your iphone play the sound magically and surprise your friend

Included sounds (high-quality, high volume) in the paid version (more than 30 sounds):
- Bee
- Fart
- Several alarms
- Bomb, explosions
- Dog, cat, snake, fly, mosquito
- Screams and horror sounds
- Gun shots, UZI
- Car crash
- Applause

Have fun surprising your friends...

A WIFI router/box is required to use the remote control website tool.

mercredi 18 février 2009

IPhone Blow Party

Available in App Store.

Who can blow for the longest time? We are sure that is something you and your friends want to know especially when bubbles fly around the screen as you blow.

Engage in the BlowParty competition, up to 8 players can play to see who has the biggest blow/whistle power.

Would you be able to discover the seven animals while you blow.

You will soon discover how fun it is to blow into your Iphone to try to beat that high-score rank your friend just took.

Note: Ipod touch users need to plug in the microphone before blowing...

- Up to 8 players turn by turn
- Saves 8 profiles with name and personal best record
- All-time high scores list
- 7 stages represented by long-blowing animals, can you discover the best one...
- Blow level meter, blow length and animated bubbles all over the screen.

Enjoy the fun of blowing

dimanche 4 janvier 2009

Iphone Golf Telemeter

Now available in AppStore...

The Iphone Golf Telemeter application features:
- Distance to the flag
- Metric and Yards unit support

It does not use GPS capability of your Iphone so this works on any course and does not require any special configuration.

1) Flag Dist. Screen

Aim for the flag using camera live feed.
Take a picture
Align bottom of flag on bottom red line.
Align Flag top on touchable/movable red line as below.
Read flag distance/elevation in real time.

2) Iphone Settings App support
Change Meters to Yards and vice versa.